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100% Pure Organic Spirulina conforms to stringent heavy metals specification, meeting US, UK and the EU regulation

#Toxin Free # Non GMO # Free from PHM, PCBS and Dioxins, #  Pathogen Free

Organic Spirulina Chiang Mai

ECO CERT(Germany)  NATURLAND (France)
IFOAM Standards.
Sealed foil re-closable packaging

Certified 100% Top Quality Finest Organic SPIRULINA
The most protein dense substance on the planet, Spirulina is a blue green Algae found in lakes or rivers, it has a shape of a single helix similar to our DNA. Spirulina is an excellent supplement to any ones diet and is an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Spirulina is a brain food and helps detoxify and cleanses the body, it is good for the skin, eyes and internal functioning.

Dietary Whole Food Supplement
High Protein food
B1-2-3-6-12+ A,C,E,K Vitamins
18 Amino Acids
All Minerals and Nutrients required by the human body
High Alkaline Food
Rich Source of Iron
Rich Source of Beta Carotene
Rich Source Calcium.
Magnesium - Zinc - Potassium - Phosphorus
Our product is from one of the best producers of Organic Spirulina in the world:

100grms of powder 395bt
200 Tablets 420bt
(500mg Per Tablet)
Approx. 1 Months normal use:
*In Re-sealable Foil Bag

Product from India
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