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Astrology Chiang Mai
Personal Natal Email Reading; (About You), this reading is an in depth reading and takes a personal look at your life, it will reveal things about yourself, that maybe you are not aware of. This reading is a map of your life and will help you understand yourself better and how you relate to others. It will reveal the positive and negative aspects of your personality, your potential, love & career. From the time you are born you are unique, and from this uniqueness, makes you who you are.

In this detailed reading you will find;
How you approach life and appear to others.
Personal assets and financial affairs.
Mental interest + abilities, including communication.
Home and family matters.
Pleasure, creativity, children, sex and love affairs.
Work and employment.
Partnerships, personal and professional.
Shared resources, inheritances and wills.
Philosophy, spirituality, wisdom and travel.
Career, reputation and public success.
Friends and groups.
Internal and external issues, your secrets.
Qualities and elements.
30+ Pages  Price 1,500bt
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Astrology Chiang Mai

Astrology (astron or star + logos or discourse) was named by the Greeks and dates back to ancient times. Astrology was brought to Europe around 331 BC, by the famous Alexander the great from the east. Astrology is present in some form or another in nearly all countries and cultures. Today astrology is used widely on a the day-to-day level, and is used to reveal profound insights to mankind.


It was a great experience of enlightenment reading my own Astrology. I didn't expect it would go so deep into my own being, it was way beyond expected. I'm very grateful for the work you put into it, many thanks, hope we meet again!   Patrick-Netherlands
Compatibility Email Reading; (about you and your partner), for those who wish to know, if they are compatible with there partner. You will get a detailed look into how you and your partner respond to each other. Compatibility readings reveal the positive and negative aspects in your relationship together. Therefore, you can understand each other better, thus helping you both to improve your relationship with one another. Price 1,500bt
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The Year Ahead Transit Reading; takes a look at major and minor transits in your year ahead. You can benefit in advance, by knowing how the days ahead, will affect you and make use of that knowledge to live more in balance with yourself and others. This reading helps you prepare for your future accordingly, for work, travel, relationships and love. 80+/- Pages:
Price 2,200bt
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Personal Reading:         1500 baht
Compatibility Reading:  1500 baht
Year Ahead Reading:    2200 baht
Relocation Reading:      1000 baht
Readings take time to prepare:
Astrology Thailand

Chiang Mai

Relocation Email Reading  is for getting a better insight into the place you are living, working, relocating or if you are planning a vacation. It will allow you to see the affects that a specific living environment has, as in different parts of the world the influence to you would be different, allowing you to seize the opportunities that a wait. Price 1000bt
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