Qigong in Chiang Mai Thailand ; also known as Chi kung, a series of coordinated exercises and meditations for improving overall circulation of energy in the body and improving emotion states, for bringing health and vitality into ones life:
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Chi Kung / Qigong in Chiang Mai, is a excellent practice for bringing health, peace, balance and vitality into ones life. It consists of very simple exercises and meditations, which are effective in increasing the energy levels in our bodies. Chi Kung means internal energy cultivation and was founded in China by Taoist and Indian Buddhist monks.
Chi Kung (
) also know as Qi Gong, has been in use for thousands of years for developing health and also for developing internal power for martial arts.
Chi is the foundation of Chinese medical theory, it is the very source of our health, without an abundance of Chi in our bodies we cannot stay healthy or achieve our goals in life.
Chi Kung can be practice by young and old alike and those who practice regularly will benefit greatly from the health benefits received.
Chi Kung / Qigong health benefits are well renowned and it's practice aids in the stimulation and circulation of chi (energy life force), also the muscles and tendons become strengthened and toned. With consistent Chi Kung practice, you will experience its enduring benefits as you go about your life and work. Your mind and body become exceptionally alert. Your mental and emotional faculties are refreshed and balanced. You will have greater resilience under pressure and recover more easily from illness and injury.

With precisely controlled movements, they can be coordinated with essential postures to raise the body's energy to dramatic levels. With careful practice you will be able to use and direct that power, in all aspects of your daily life.

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Testimonial; "Rod, Thank you very much for the results of my 10 lessons learning the basic Chi Kung. I came to you feeling half alive, having one foot bandaged , unable to get in touch with myself. Amazing how different I feel after those 10 lessons. No bandages ,a feeling of joy and excitement has come back into me and I am feeling the energy returning to my body & Spirit. It is hard to believe that this practice can make one feel so good . Age seems to be no barrier to the healing effects of the Chi Kung and your teaching has been so good for me .Thank you Rod for helping me on this path of healing. I will be returning to you from time to time for your help with my practice." Janice, Australia: More Testimonials
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