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Yoga & Meditation classes in Chiang Mai are based on opening the body with Yoga Asana, for purification, relaxation and meditation. Working with awareness and integrity in your Yoga practice, will allow you to have a better and deeper Yoga asana connection and Meditational practice. Our Traditional Hatha Yoga classes are a blend of Iyenger Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and Vini Yoga, allowing us to work on harmonizing our breath, mind and inner core with our physical, to improve overall yoga practice and stamina, body and mind.
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Body and Mind Healing's Hatha Yoga classes in Chiang Mai, are open to all who have practice Yoga before in some way, the Yoga focus is on alignment, body, mind, breath awareness and yoga meditation known as Raja Yoga. Our yoga classes are based on traditional hatha yoga and integrate a yoga vinyasa flow with the standing yoga poses, we focus on yoga postural alignment, the breath, a period of mediation to deepen our yoga experience, yoga practice and awareness. The level is yoga intermediate or for those wishing to improve their yoga practice, therefore we expect students to have some experience in yoga will get the most benefit in our evening yoga drop in classes, we work on the fundamental poses without going too extreme, so those with good flexibility may join, if they have minimal yoga experience, we do recommend complete yoga beginners, to join our 5 day Chiang Mai Yoga Beginners Course.
Your resident yoga instructor Rod at Body & Mind Healing, has practiced yoga for 23 years and only took up yoga teaching training after 9 years of personal yoga study. The classes are focused on Traditional and Dynamic Yoga, including Raja Yoga Meditation. Rod has be certified to teach Dynamic Yoga by its founder, Godfrey Deveruax and has been certified by the Parmath Nikitan ashram in Rishikesh India. The yoga poses offered in our yoga classes in Chiang Mai, are easily managed by regular yoga practitioners, this allows your teacher to guide you deeper into those yoga poses in a focused and dynamic way, while allowing to relax into your inner core. Utilizing the concepts of Iyenger yoga for it's yoga postural alignments, allowing you to practice yoga safely and with a deeper respect to yourself and your yoga practice.
Traditional Hatha & Meditation Yoga Classes
*Mondays & Wednesdays*
5.30PM to 7PM
Drop in 300bt
*Private Yoga  Sessions Available*
5 Day Yoga Beginners Course
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Monday to Friday
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